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Tracking movement of text and morphing text to text


Will it ever be possible to have text morph to text?  I would like it to break apart and recombine if at all possible. I have tried everything I can think of, including making monoline text in PS, copying it to AI, then exporting as an SVG, but to no avail.

Alternatively, I would like to have a piece of text move from one on-screen point to another (and another if necessary). I imagine it would necessitate some kind of motion path feature. Would that ever be considered?


If you follow the method outlines in the post entitled Write with non-Western text characters you should be able to morph the svg text images.

You could create a transparent straight line in Inkscape or Illustrator and then import it into VideoScribe.

Then you could change the drawing hand of the line element to a single text image (as an [SVG edit] PNG) and the text will move along the line.

That's worth a try! Thanks very much.

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