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Mathematical Characters (RR-785)

Can we have mathematical characters in VideoScribe so we do not have to do them as SVGs.

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This is great software, but it lacks the ability to properly present mathematical expressions.  LaTeX is the industry standard and if you build into the software the ability to directly type latex commands, that would make this perfect for me and pretty much every other mathematicians/STEM educator who demands precision in their writing/presentation of mathematical formulae.

Hi Robert, That was the reason why I created EquationSVGEditor, although not perfect, it creates proper svg files of latex expressions, with the focus on a good writing within videoscribe. Look or "EquationSVGEditor" in these communities.
Great point. I mean, for the Mac. Unless you have a Mac edition.

Hi Robert, 

I have been using Otto's EquationSVGEditor on both windows and Mac and indeed linux! 

For Mac, install an app called Wine Bottler, this enables you to click and run windows  .exe  files. 

Its been great, I'm just finishing my first maths videoscribes on calculus and Taylor series approximations. 

Best wishes,


Thank you, Mark!  This is great news and I'll give this a try.  Any difference between Wine and Wine Bottler?

If I remember correctly, Wine is provided in Wine Bottler as an app. When I right click on the .exe, the option 'open with WIne' is used.

I believe Wine Bottler is built on WINE and provides an easy to use interface for creating Mac .app files from Windows .exe files. It allows you to have Windows applications packaged as .app files in your Applications folder. You can just open them as you would any other app on your Mac. WINE is automatically installed when you install Wine Bottler.

Thank you to you both.  And thank you, Otto, for making this software.  

Otto: because I'm an academic who always loves taking on more than I should, you mentioned how one may be able to port your software to Apple-land.  Would you mind pointing me towards some documentation on how one would get started with that? You mentioned how something was theoretically possible.  

Again, thank you for your effort.  I'll enjoy using your software and I appreciate any suggestions on how to get started with porting to the Apple MacOS.



Best start with porting would be using the mida plugin which is available for the delphi compiler. So if you know someone that bought mida, I can sent the source and see how it ports from vcl to fmx components. Of course I added some non portable procedures, but that can be solved in other ways as well. If you want to discuss that the address will not polute this forum. Otto

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