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Mathematical Characters (RR-785)

Can we have mathematical characters in VideoScribe so we do not have to do them as SVGs.

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As Jonny said in his last update we don't have a timeline available at the moment but as soon as we have something solid to bring you we will of course update the forum.

On the basis that there is not even a timeline for the Mathematical improvement, almost 2 years after the request, it may as well be said that is not going to be done.

No timeline equals no commitment from VS.

No VS commitment equals no change.

It's taken too long for sparkol to do something with this topic. Clearly the implementation of .tex files isn't going to be implemented as this topic is active for almost two years. I'll unsuscribe and wish you guys all the best. I'm not even interested in VS anymore. Time to search for some alternatives....  With regards, Maxim Besters

And no change means no business. I canceled my subscription more than one year ago.

please keep us posted about the inclusion of mathematical characters.

I don't know about anyone else getting updates on this forum... but Roland, for a second there you really had my hopes up lol. I thought for just a second... O NO WAY, THEY Finally Have an update for us! ... and then that second concluded, after which I landed back on terra firma. hahaha oh yeah.

VS in my opinion is an amazing wonderful medium/ tech to teach math... but with the months/years gone with no changes after initial requests, my guess is that we probably don't make the cut for it to matter to their interests. Of course, I continue to hope that VS will create a solution for us. But more than that (and it's much more likely that) someone else will (maybe wacom, autodesk, microsoft, etc.) and then we promptly inform each other here ;)

Yeah! Sarang, do you know any other similar application/software that meets our demands?

I just posted a small application that might be of help for getting expressions in videoscribe, have a look in:

"videoscribe Q&A" - Converting pixel graphics (png/bmp/..) to vector graphics.

Thanks Otto, this is a great little application, and definitely the best work-around I've seen to implementing equations in VideoScribe.

Hi videoscribe guys,

Do you have any idea on when will videoscribe be able to support.tex files or better write mathematical formula directly from the software. I really want to re-subscribe but this missing feature is not encouraging.


Hi everyone,

as my workaround program can help to some extent for this, you might want to try it. It can be found at:

Thanks for being patient with us Otto while we worked through the legal side of software we do not write the code for being linked through our site! As he said it is available from the author’s website here:

Disclaimer: We like this software, and it has performed well during ordinary use, but we have not undertaken any in-depth testing and we have not checked it for the presence of malware or any potentially harmful behaviour, so you download and use it at your own risk and we do not accept any liability for any loss or damage it may cause.”

Three years since the first post and nothing really happens. That's very sad.

Hye guys, I hope this will help you guys a bit.

I have done it with other characters and it works.

Hi- Last year I presented at a math conference on creating flip lessons. I went through the many options available to people. I did a piece on using VS. Initially, people loved it. Then they heard about the inability to handle equations, and the air left the balloon. It really is a glaring oversight. Hands down, VS received the best response of everything I showed, and once the teachers heard about the equation writing issue, they wanted nothing to do with it.


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