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Mathematical Characters (RR-785)

Can we have mathematical characters in VideoScribe so we do not have to do them as SVGs.

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This feature request has been assigned a reference of VS-2577 and will be updated when further information becomes available.

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I would encourage developers to think of Mathematics as a language that the entire world speaks to a greater or lesser degree. It needs specific language requirements....

1.It has it's own symbols,

2.It typically writes left to right,

3.Sometimes it writes top to bottom.

Please make it a high priority for 2016.... Happy New Year!!!!

All those that like / follow this page please go to this link and click "Do you like this idea?"

Because it will do all the Mathematics symbols, PLUS it will give appropriate spacing and setting out for the symbols, like how to write a fraction, matrix or differentiation symbols etc....

The best way is to create the text in Inkscape. Using the text tool in Inkscape, type or paste the text into a text box.

Then export the text as a bitmap, by selecting File -> Export Bitmap...

I use the following settings when exporting PNG 145 dpi (dots per inch) - the higher the DPI the better the image quality.

Delete the text you have just put into Inkscape and import the Bitmap image back into Inkscape, that you just exported by selecting File -> Import... and select Embed.

When you have the image on the canvas use the Pencil tool  to roughly trace over the letters of the text in the same way you would if you were writing it.

Then select all the Pencil strokes  that you just created and select Path -> Simplify from the menu.

Once you have done this, with the paths still selected, double click on the word 'Different' next to Fill: 

And set the fill to No paint

Double click on the word Different next to 'Stroke:' and increase the stroke width value so the text image is covered.

Then set the stroke paint to have an Alpha value of zero so it is invisible.

Save the SVG and import into VideoScribe.

@Matthew : we don't look for any graphic tips/tricks to render properly mathematical formulas in Videoscribe. We look for a way to type those maths formulas **directly inside Videoscribe**.

I would like to say a big thank you to Matthew for putting together a comprehensive method to get videoscribe to write Mathematics.

Although like Pierre said "type Maths formulas directly into Videoscribe""" is still the number 1 goal. 

If you are wanting to be able to put Mathematics formulae (or formulae) into Videoscribe this is the forum thread for you CLICK HERE, and then click the phrase that says do you like this idea?. It will do Maths symbols in a mathematically relevant manner.

Again thanks Matthew for the work around... Appreciated.

This is too hard.  I wonder why math symbols are so difficult?

They are difficult because they go well beyond the standard keyboard, as a result when:

1) word processing was invented Maths symbols were put on the back burner.

2) mark up languages such as HTML and XML were invented displaying of Maths symbols were put on the back burner.....

It's likes a whole different language with well over 100 different characters besides the alphabet based characters, besides alphabet based ones.

Additionally depending on the situation there is the added case of unique typesetting that is dependent upon exactly what mathematics you are doing. e.g Fractions , Matrics, derivatives, etc....

Hey guys, 

Just for some clarification on this request, I would like to filter out some of the details.

First of all there has been the addition of symbols in the image library when searching for 'maths'.

If you require more symbol images, what sort of images do you require?

Certain requests, (this one in particular) would like alternatives to SVG images.

So some of you may be aware that you can already import fonts into VideoScribe that allow the use of symbols.

By importing these fonts, they allow symbol text to be drawn correctly without the use of code cogs.

I have attached some of these fonts to my post, you may find them useful. 

If you have used maths fonts already, what would improve their use?

Through the use of typesetting software you can change the kerning, hyphenation and justification in the layout, would these settings be more preferable or is there more?

It seems that some users would like to incorporate the use of LaTeX typesetting interface.

This part would be the hardest to implement into VideoScribe as would be introducing an entirely new interface to allow code conversion for use with whiteboard animation software (that's not to say that it can't or won't be done).

Unless the request is to allow users to allow the formulaes to be entered directly into the text dialog box, what would the desired display results be?

Any further information on this request will be greatly appreciated.


Thank you so much for working on this.  I'm doing elementary math and a long division sign would be most helpful (I see you have the square root sign).  If the dash you have here allows an easier way to do fractions vertically (rather than 3/4) -- I'm happy!

I think it is not so much to code in latex but to be able to import images generated by latex. For complex formula, it is much easier. 

For Mac users, the program LaTeXiT can create different image format from a latex. If we can just drop that into videoscribe it would be wonderful.

Hi all, thanks for keeping focus on that feature request.

When some users ask for LaTeX support, it means 2 separate things :

1) Typing formulas

First they don't want to *re*type formulas that I have already been typed (e.g. in LaTeX or MathML). Some of these formulas are long and typing them, character after character, with maths fonts in Videoscribe is just not possible. For instance, with the use of maths fonts, it would take hours to have a proper "quadratic equations course" typed and animated in Videoscribe.

2) Animating formulas

Once the formulas typing process has been performed, we need an easy way to have them animated in a *logical* flow. I mean it would be totally nonsense to have a formula animated line after line with no mathematical meaning. For example, if a fraction is intented to be integrated in a video, we should first see the fraction bar, then the numerator and finally the denominator and this animation order should be automatically set by videoscribe (and not by the user).

Hi Jonny,

Encouraged that this is getting some serious consideration..... Most maths educators are going to be software users and not software designers.

Software Design Requirements

So for example when they mean typing in the "square root symbol", numbers or letters that might go under that square root will automatically fit there....... Because, the user only needs to:

1) Click the square root symbol for it to appear. (It is clear we can't simply type it).

2) Curser automatically appears under the square root symbol.

3) Typed numbers and letters appear there.

4) The square root symbol will automatically extend to cover the numbers and letters as they are being typed.

5) Whilst under the square root symbol, click a fraction button and the square root symbol will automatically elongate upwards so that both the top and bottom of the fraction are within the square root symbol.

So most maths educators when they say you can do mathematics on the screen they really are meaning an automated form of formatting, such as you get with LaTeX, through CodeCogs, MathType plugin for Word or PowerPoint, or MathMagic plugin for indesign or standalone. It is this reason that I have been asking subscribers of this current thread, to subscribe and support this second LaTeX thread.


These are examples of the buttons clicking that would be needed, but are obviously much more complex than what is need by most maths educators.

Click for MathType.

Click for MathMagic.

Click for CodeCogs.

This is the reason I have been encouraging viewers of this thread to be subscribers of this sister thread. Because it will actually do what I believe educators will want it to do.

All those that like / follow this page please go to this link and click "Do you like this idea?" Because it will do all the Mathematics symbols, PLUS it will give appropriate spacing and setting out for the symbols, like how to write a fraction, matrix or differentiation symbols etc....

Requirements Example 2

A second example of ""typing"" mathematics would be fractions. Obviously again we are aware you can't simply type this but:

1) You click the fraction button;

2) The curser for typing is automatically in the upper part of the fraction (numerator).

3) You can type the top number (numerator) & the fraction symbol automatically extends itself to fit the numerator.

4) Click or arrow down to the bottom number (denominator) & the fraction symbol automatically extends to cover the numerator or denominator-- which ever is the longest.

5) You click after or before the fraction area to get out of it.

That is what meant by typing more mathematics characters, I believe.

Thanks for the feedback guys, 

The examples posted have been especially helpful, much appreciated.

It's not going to be an easy task by any stretch, but with as much user input as possible we will be able look at what solutions we can provide.

@Josh, I'm aware of the separate thread that relates to this and I am tallying up the votes from both. 

But for those who have not already, please do make sure that you are voting on these topics as they do make a difference!

Thanks again.


This thread started on september 2014 and since then several messages were posted to describe what several users were looking for in terms of "maths formulas" support. I think it is now time to have a clear position concerning the answer given to the "LaTeX support" feature request.

May we have a clear position from Videoscribe's editor regarding :

1) if we have a chance to see LaTeX support,

2) if yes when exactly and what is the roadmap.

Thanks in advance,


PS : a a maths teacher, I am looking forward to seeing this feature integrated in VideoScribe. If it isn't I won't buy any licence.

I second that. I teach graduate Statistics and no LaTex support is goodbye to Videoscribe

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