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Editing Text

It would be great if one can double-click on the text to edit.

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agree.  this is really painful now.

Yes, this is a major ommision in my opinion. One spelling error and you have to rewrite the whole sentence.


Apologies, I have now found out that the text can be corrected by selecting the 'T' icon in the properties box for the text in question. Should read all the tutorials I guess. update and still unable to double-click to edit text. 

There should be double-click to edit text and shift-click for properties.

I am sure with this feature, we can all created our presentations much faster.


Can you type normal, subscript, and superscript. I suspect the answer is no, but what a bonus it would be for those wishing to write equations. A squared writen A superscript 2, instead of A^2

Not at the moment but we have a separate thread under review at the moment regarding mathematical equations which may help. We are asking for input on what would be most useful before deciding on what to implement for maths input.

@David Reid

For superscript etc. just use a new text box, with no pause/transition, and move/size appropriately.

Hello, this one is In Progress and scheduled for v3.1. Plan is to add a camera icon to the thumbnail so you can click that to go to the camera position of the element which is the current action for double click and then we can make double click an open properties action. Not sure yet whether text elements will open directly on the edit text or drawing options tab but you will get into the properties quickly and reduce the number of clicks to edit your text.

In VideoScribe version 3.2.0 which has now been released, double clicking on the timeline thumbnail of an element will open the element properties. The element properties will also be opened by double clicking the element on the canvas.

Download version 3.2.0 from your account page. |  View Release Notes for v3.2.


Love that one - thanks, great improvements in terms of workflow :)

Thanks a lot.

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