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My images reappear at the end of the scribe

I followed the tutorial videos but notice that all my "morph" images reappear at the tail end of my video. I think this may be because I did ctrl+A to set the camera lock for all images because I noticed that during each frame, the items would zoom in a little.

Can you tell me what I am doing wrong? Also, when is the right time to set the camera lock on each image when doing morphing? Thanks!


I think that if you DEselect the "zoom at end" option in the preview playback screen, it may prevent the mrph images from reappearing.

To set the camera position for an element, put the camera where you want it, select the element, and then click the set camera button.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Heather,

I think that the only reason the images reappear at the end is because it has come to the end of the playback.

You see that the images are there at the beginning before you start the preview and also at the end after the preview finishes.

They will not appear at the end in any video files you create with your scribe.

You set the camera lock for certain images not certain times.

If you want to set the same camera position for multiple elements then select the elements (ctrl-click on PC or CMD click on Mac) and click on the set camera icon in the bottom right corner.


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