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2.02 Text v.s. 1.3.26 Text

 I installed 2.02. Previously I was using 1.3.26. The scribe I was working on in 1.3.26 some of the fonts and attributes look a lot different in 2.02.

SEE ATTACHED IMAGE -- NOTE in the image I said 2.01 -- it should say 2.02.

If you look at the attached, the text in 1.3.26 had no gray background, but it does in 2.02.

How do I make the text in 2.0.2 look the same as the text in 1.3.26


SEE ATTACHED IMAGE -- NOTE in the image I said 2.01 -- it should say 2.02.

help.jpg help.jpg
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Hi Dan,

the way fonts are handled is different in 2.0.2 to how they worked in version 1.

To get the font to display the same as it did, play around with the settings until you get it right.

This is one of the reasons that we advise users to complete projects created in 1.3.26 before upgrading.

"Version 2 is a significant evolution, so Pro users may want to complete projects with their current version before familiarising themselves with it".

I hope this helps.



The project was already completed in 1.3.26 but I was using a scribe I created in 1.3.26 to check out 2.02. I'm sure in the future this will still come up. When you are dealing with clients there is no such thing as completed. I'll have clients ask me to make changes to work I have done over a year ago so if I'm going to use 2.02 I need to be able to edit 1.3.26 scribes to meet clients needs.

You say play around with the settings. Can you give me a clue what settings to play around with? I'm not even sure where that gray background comes from.


Sorry, it is the blur and drop-shadow settings that I am referring to.

If you decrease/increase these then you will find that the gray background is reduced/increased.

The grey background is a result of the high glow setting - you can change these setting by clicking on the 'Element properties' of the selected element in the timeline: .

Then click on the 'Change filters' icon in the 'Text properties' window .

Now you will see the settings in the filters window that will be familiar from the previous version:

I hope this clears things up for you.



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