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Gulim Font

I need to use some font who support algebraic characters, like gulim. Nevertheless I download this font, and use the character map to copy this kind of characters into the text window, the scribe do not support it and do not draw in the screen... What can I do? 

PS: Any other font who support algebraic characters, is useful to me... 

Regards, Rafael.

Hi Rafael,

I think you will need to use the following method to use the algebraic characters:

Write with non-Western text characters

Last updated: 26 June 2014

Import new fonts into VideoScribe if you want to write with non-Western characters.

Alternatively, you can import text as an image file using the steps below.

Import text as an SVG image file

Type the text you want to import into a writing programme

Copy the text

Open Inkscape (free image-editing software)

Select the type character in the sidebar (‘A’) and paste your text into Inkscape

Select ‘Path’ from the menu above and then ‘Object to path’– this will convert your text into an SVG image Go to ‘File’, ‘Save as’ and save the text image to your computer

Open your VideoScribe project and click ‘Add image’

Find your text image and select ‘Use image’Edit the draw time as necessary

The outline will draw before the image is filled but you will still be able to read the text as it is being drawn and it will become clearer at the end.



Thank's, but still the text will be draw and not write... the whole idea in my post was to write this kind of character's, the way you post is like I do it by now... (sorry my english, but maybe I don't understand you perfectly well...). 

Hi Rafael,

I am afraid that at this time the only way of getting algebraic characters into VideoScribe is the way that you are trying already.

You can add this as a feature request so that it will be considered for inclusion in a future release of VideoScribe.



OK, it will be a good feature to include this issue... thank you.

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