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  The community is the hub, the place we come to search for answers and get help. If this is the place most customers come, there should be at the top of this community a news update from Sparkol.

I only found out about 2.02 from another customer, not Sparkol. When did 2.02 come out?????????

Another thing I find hard to weed out after a release of a new update, is locating posts related to the new update. I'll read a post and not sure if it is related to 2.02 or another version they may be using. 

I wish your drop down menu "Post topic in" required members to also select the version they were posting about. Make it a searchable tag and this way we could just search for topics related to 2.02.

According to the blog, version 2.02 came out on august 27th.

Is it possible that there are email notifications (newsletter) and you have opted out of them? I think I did that.

If the release was not mentioned in an email at least.. then that would be a good suggestion for the suggestions section. You could probably move this thread to that section if you edit it.

I agree that it would be helpful to somehow guide users to always provide the version they are using, and mac or PC or ipad etc. Their membership level (free, pro, edu, or app) could be automatically detected based on their login info and added to the post as well.  That suggestion would also be a good topic for the suggestions section, if it has not already been posted there.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks Mike.....


Hi Dan,

When VideoScribe Version 2.0.2 was released we sent an email to all Pro users that are on the previous version.

This was sent out on Wednesday 27th August. If you have unsubscribed to emails then you would not have received this email.

We do have a news section via the Sparkol Blog so if you do not want to receive the emails but want to know the latest news

regarding Sparkol, the blog would be the best place -

Thanks, Joe

I like Dan just discovered that a new Version 2.0.2 was released and I'm a Pro User.
But, now that I have discovered that fact for two days I have been trying to get it to download, which it does but I won't open for me.  I just a Mac Book Pro
Any helpful hints would be appreciated.
I'll look forward to hearing from you.

My current Version is 1.3.26 and works fine and I have work on it and that I don't want to lose. But shire would the added new features. :)


Hi Jeanne, please see the new Announcements section of the community.

There is information regarding VideoScribe Automatic Upgrade and what to do

if you're having issues installing it.

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