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.flv rendering

I am trying to render some videos as .flv to insert to a prezi. The first one is a single frame, text only, two short lines of text. I am running a system with an i7 processor and 16GB of RAM that should eat this up in no time, yet... It has been sitting on the "preparing video information" screen for nearly an hour. Do I need to have the full version of Flash installed? 

If the software will run in the first place I do not think the Flash environment will affect anything.

Please could you download the latest version of VideoScribe and install it.

When you have your simple text scribe open how much memory (RAM) is being used by the VideoScribeDesktop.exe application?

You can check in Task Manager in Windows.

It may be that you need to delete some fonts - how many fonts do you have in the 'Available fonts' window? They are the ones highlighted in blue and have a trash can next to them.

The amount of RAM available to the application is a lot less than the total amount of RAM on your computer - it is limited to about 1.7GB - fonts can take up a lot of memory.

I have tried to render the scribe that you attached and it worked fine as an FLV file.


HI Matt,

Thanks for the answer. I did a clean install of Flash and installed VideoScribe v2.0.2. Everything seems to be working fine now!


Exijo meu dinheiro de volta! Não serve para nada um aplicativa que não publica publica.

Hi Alexandre

I can see that you have raised a support ticket, we will respond to your query as soon as possible.

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