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Super buggy for release build...

Yah, just downloaded this app, an within the first 14 minutes, I'm already about to just video tape the line drawings myself - the "timeline" of animations is brutally buggy!  Trying to order the animations, one after the other, is a pain because the drag and drop feature is extremely buggy, and the UI has seemingly no effect.

Then, some of the elements in this timeline, I cannot edit their properties, again, because the UI is failing, probably a z-level issue.

I think I'll wait to spend my $600.

Great idea, needs A LOT of work before this should be at market.  You might want to include BETA under your logo, and give away some licences for live QA...

Totally unusable!

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Other threads such as videoscribe 2 known bugs offer some suggestions about avoiding or minimizing the bugs with version 2. In all versions, optimizing your images, keeping your elements from getting too spread out, and avoiding excessive camera settings can help minimize problems. Videoscribe freezes, crashes or behaves erratically (opening, playing, working, saving, rendering or uploading)

If you strongly dislike the newest version, I'd recommend uninstalling it and trying version 1.3.26. It does not have all of the same features as version 2 but it is more stable and more intuitive in my opinion.

available versions:

(Note: tutorials for version 1 are still available in the Instant Answers section)

(Note: you will not be able to open scribes saved in version2 if you use version 1)

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Hi John, sorry that you have had these issues.

We worked on improving the performance of the time line in our latest release- can I confirm if you are using version 2.0.2? If you are using 2.0.2 and experiencing this problem, could you save your scribe in your on line folder and let us know the name? Then we can open it up here and try to identify what is causing this issue.

The 2.0.2  is very laggy, and I sure that is the software fault... this software should be in a beta testing.. 

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