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v2.02 frame rate

Hello - I've just installed 2.02 and am trying to adjust the Frame Rate for Quicktime movie output.

I can adjust the frame rate for other formats but not QT. The setting disappears. How do I keep the Frame Rate option in view when exporting to QT?

If I use Windows Media, I can see the option to adjust the Frame Rate to suit. But, if I then take the resulting file into Camtasia, it fails saying no codec is found.


A mov file will render to 25fps automatically and can not be adjusted within videoscribe.

What happens when you try to import an FLV into Camtasia?


Camtasia doesn't allow FLV import - it hasn't for a couple of years.

Why can't we adjust a MOV file from 25 fps? Wasn't it possible in version 1?

We found some instability when rendering to certain frame rates with .MOV files and decided to remove it in this version.

You could render to WMV and then convert to MOV using Freemake video converter or something similar.


This is serious impediment to our production. The US standard is 30 fps. I can't render 30 fps MOV files from VideoScribe anymore. I refuse to use WMV the because the picture quality is so poor. QuickTime is a far superior codec to WMV.

We reverted back to the previous version of VideoScribe that allowed 30 fps QuickTime.

Do you have any plans to add the 30 fps QuickTime feature back in?

We have a Beta version of VideoScribe 2.1 available for download to Pro users. You can download the Beta version from your online account.

VideoScribe 2.1 Beta will allow you to change the frame rate for all video and image sequence formats.

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