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Bug. Can't insert image. I get a Blue Square instead

I've tried to insert these two images (attached) into my scribe. I don't see the image, I just get a blue square instead. 

Please advise.

Logo.png Logo.png
73.2 KB

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Here's another image that doesn't work. I'm creating these in Inkscape.

One final observation, for some images, when I change the properties (draw to morph or full colour to silhouette), I also lose the image and a blue square appears.

Hi Jonathan,

I have opened the image in Inkscape, selected the text, clicked on 'Path' in the top menu and selected 'object to path'.

I have done the same with the circle.

Then I have saved the image as a plain SVG and imported it into videoscribe and it worked.

Before doing this I would get a black square instead of text.

The logo imported fine for me as an SVG.

I am using the latest version which is 2.0.2, are you on that version?

Does the same thing happen when you try with the latest version?



Thanks, I've tried this and it helps.

I'm still having a related problem. If I make a change to an image property, including changing the time, sometimes the images goes "blue" and I have to reload the scribe.

Are you able to save the scribe to your online directory and let me know the name so I can have a look?

Yes, the scribe is called csrp_v002. I cannot insert these 2 images (attached). 

Please help. I'm putting in a lot of time, struggling with this issue.

Books2.svg Books2.svg
36.6 KB
Books.svg Books.svg
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I opened the image in Inkscape and reduced the size then saved as a plain SVG and imported into VideoScribe.

The image seems fine and doesn't turn blue when I resize it.

Your scribe is using a lot of memory when loaded and may be causing instability and strange behaviour of the program.

You can reduce the size of your SVGs using 'SVG Cleaner' a free tool that greatly reduces the size of SVG images.

I have attached the bookcase image to this email which I put through the SVG cleaner.

The image is now a single object instead of lots of separate ones so it may draw differently.

I hope this helps.



Thank you very much. This is helpful.



I'm having more problems with the "blue square" issue. Please see my scribe Global Thermostatv9 saved online.

I'm trying to add a "cloud" image from the VS library. I can add it twice, but not three times.

Is there something wrong with this scribe? Are there images causing it to be unstable?

Hi Jonathan,

thanks for contacting the support team.

I have taken a look at the scribe that you have saved to the online directory called Thermostatv9.

I noticed that when the zoom out to view all elements button is pressed  then the camera has to zoom out very far to fit all the elements in and the main part of the scribe is hardly visible as it is so small.

The reason for this is that you have a cloud image at the end of the scribe that has been increased in size so much that the camera is unable to zoom out enough to fit it in the view.

If you remove the large cloud at the end of the scribe do you still get the same issue with the 'blue square' when adding an image?

Best wishes,


I'm having the same issue with the graphic showing up as a blue box. I've tried replacing and it either shows up much larger than the screen or so tiny I can barely see it and then it ultimately turns blue after I try to place other objects.

Please advise, thank you!


I'd suggest deleting the damaged elements, saving your scribe and restarting videoscribe then trying to add them again.

Avoid oversized images and excessive zooming

You could save your scribe online and tell support the name if you want specific feedback.  Or you could upload your .scribe file here for community suggestions.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Also getting blue squares when the changing properties of some slightly larger SVGs.  Please fix this.

Hi Richard,

please save the scribe that you are having this issue with to your online directory (cloud icon), let us know the name and we can take a look for you.

It would be best to do this by submitting a support ticket.

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