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Problem trying buying

Dear community, 

We have some trouble when we try to buy your product. We have created a virtual card to buy the product, but we get an error answer PV-57 "Transaction nor permitted on card". A virtual card it's a valid card create under a real card, VISA card in this case, and the method to use it it's the same than others regular cards, Visa create this kind of instruments to make a secure transaction and avoid other kind of uses for the real one. The only diference is that you can use this virtual card just one time.

Maybe you can send an e-mail to us to send you back an screenshot of the failed transaction. 

So, we want to know about the nature of the problem you claim, to get the software as soon as possible. Thank's.


The error is most likely being returned by the payment processor (bluesnap) and not by Sparkol or

It is very likely that bluesnap does not allow a one-time card to be used for a recurring monthly payment.
It is also possible that bluesnap requires a certain minimum available balance before approving a transaction, or maybe there was some other reason.
You could contact bluesnap to find out the reason why your virtual card was declined.

customer support may be able to shed additional light on this issue.

 -Mike (videoscribe user)


That payment method will not work for a monthly subscription.

If you are trying to buy a yearly or one-off licence and it still will not work then you can ring us on 01275851407 and we can take payment over the phone.



We did tray to buy a one-off licence, you can see it in the attached file, so I have no explanation about this. There is another way to tray to do this buy, but not over the phone? We are in Chile, so the call will be some expensive...


you can pay via our website in the following ways:

Secure Online Credit Card


Wire Transfer



Mail / Check / Money Order

Local Bank Transfer

You can select the different methods by changing the drop down box on the part of the screenshot (below) highlighted in yellow.



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