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Hindi text in VideoScribe (RR-932)

What I like about Sparkol is the way it renders English Text and if the same can be done for Hindi text it will be great.  I am sure with the boom in education market in India, there will be a great potential for Hindi font rendering in Video Scribe :-). 

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I like the idea of <a href="">hindi fonts</a> in VideoScribe. thanks

Please add this support. It is blocking me from converting to paid version from free trial

For my videos which are targetted at an Indian audience, support for Unicode is important. I have to create videos in Devnagari script and other Indian languages (Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Bengali etc). I understand that creating full mapping is not feasible for all sort of characters, but a different object can be created which can be treated as an image can help to extend support for all Unicode and complex characters. 

Whilst there is an option to upload SVG, the support can be directly integrated into the software instead of the lengthy process of uploading characters in separate software, converting to SVG and then importing back in the Videoscribe software. 

Do you guys have any plan to add support for Hindi fonts?

Hello Everyone, 

We've been working on a major update to text and fonts over recent months and are getting close to supporting Hindi! 

As this is a significant change and a long standing request we want to be sure we are doing things right. We're looking for a small group of beta testers who are native speakers to put the new version to the test. You will be asked to provide us feedback so we can ensure it works well before we release it formally to the whole community. 

Does this sounds like something you would be interested in? If so, please email telling us why you want be involved and we'll pick a few lucky people from the applicants we receive.

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you!

Finally, videoscribe worldwide font problem is solved

Hi Barry, While I can see Mangal and Kruti font in font list, videoscribe is still not recognizing the font. Can you let me know if this feature has been enabled.. I really need this feature. Alternatives are killing me as  I am trying to build a full Hindi class tutorial. If this feature will not be available, I may not purchase this software due to this limitation.

 (did you read the post above and sign up to beta test the new changes?)

 Ya, waiting for the reply.

 I would also love to see Hindi font being supported in VS.

I would like to add one more thing here. If you add Unicode support in your software the problem for all language can solve and then you have enough time to develop actual products with native language support. 

We've released v3.6 of VideoScribe this morning which has some big changes to fonts and text, including Hindi support. 

Find out more about what's included and also how to upgrade to this version via the v3.6 release notes.

We are aware of the issues and Hindi has been removed from support as it's not working as we had hoped in the new font system. It was tested before release, as we are a UK company so asked some Indian customers to try out the new system and no issues were raised at the time but it became apparant fairly quickly that this was not the case. We are still wanting to include Hindi but at the moment this is back with the development team to work out the issues.

Hi Barry,

I am a native Hindi speaker. I am using videoscribe for more than 3 years. I've created hundreds of videos by it. I've tested the latest version of VideoScribe. You are right it is not working well in Hindi. It is skipping some text. If you need some help I am always available.

Hi everyone!

We're excited to say that we've been doing some testing to improve Hindi text. 

We're looking for a small group of beta testers who are native speakers to put the new version to the test. 

You'll be asked to provide us feedback so we can ensure that it works well when we release it to the VideoScribe community. 

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, send an email to

Thanks so much and we look forward to hearing from you!

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