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Hindi text in VideoScribe (RR-932)

What I like about Sparkol is the way it renders English Text and if the same can be done for Hindi text it will be great.  I am sure with the boom in education market in India, there will be a great potential for Hindi font rendering in Video Scribe :-). 

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+1 to this.


Please add Devanagari font support to Video methew already explain the need and potential of the same.




Badly need this feature in video scribe.


Please add HINDI text font to VideoScribe.

Thank you.


Oh God, Me and my friends would have almost bought this software, just then we realized there are no Hindi fonts and we dropped the idea.

Please add HINDI text font to VideoScribe.

+1 for this. Please add hindi support. I need this really urgent.

I wiil take a premium subscription if you add Hindi, Its the only thing that is bothering me.

Please add support for Hindi and other major regional languages of India. Videoscribe is a great tool, that a lot of people in India can use and benefit from.

Hello guys -  we have just published a tip and tricks video for Arabic script but this can be applied to any language not fully supported by VideoScribe at the moment -

Please add support for Devnagari script

Please add support for hindi font

Any of you who did not click the link in the original post to LIKE this feature, be sure to do so. This is an important change!

Not having Hindi font is a huge disadvantage!!!!  Please add this

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