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JPEG conversion

In the new version of videosscribe 2.01 when I bring in a JPEG picture there is no longer the two screens which gives me the ability to vectorize the image I now need to go into Adobe Illustrator and hand drawer a layer over the picture to make it look more realistic when it's being drawn in

videosscribe. If I bring in the JPEG without going into Adobe Illustrator and bring it directly into video scribe the choices that I get are not acceptable one looks like is being painted with the roller there is no more detail in the image being drawn. I use a lot of JPEG's in my videosscribe  productions and this has added a burden on the production process I'm spending much too much time just preparing JPEG's for scribing then I'm  Creating the entire production. Are you guys considering bringing back a similar feature in the new version so that we can easily import JPEG's I know the process wasn't perfect but he got me much better place than the new process



Hi Fred,

This feature is on our radar and we are looking into ways that we can improve this in a future update (but this won't be included in our next patch- 2.0.2). In the meantime, it is worth going to the ideas and feature requests section of our forum and voting for posts related to this- the more popular a feature request is the more likely it is that it will get looked at sooner. Also, you are still able to use earlier versions of VideoScribe if this would work better for you- you can download older versions here. However, please be aware that you will not be able to open any scribes created in version 2 in earlier versions of VideoScribe.

Thank you so much for your quick response on this matter. Can you refer me to any articles regarding the process of changing a JPEG to a SVG file The JPEG's that I'm mostly concerned about are pictures of buildings and people that I'm having the most difficulty with. So any information or articles would be greatly appreciated thanks again for your help

Hi Fred,

I have just done a quick google search for 'changing a JPEG to a SVG' this came up quite near the top:

There is another post on our help site that you may find useful:



Again thank you very much for your quick turnaround and getting me this information is greatly appreciated. Not only do you guys have the best product you have the best customer service

I too am working with a number of jpg that I purchase through iStockPhoto. The conversion to svg is cumbersome at best. Plus, while I convert to line then getting it fill in the final colors is not as crisp as what your drawings.

Would it be possible to do a step by step video on how your artist would convert jpg to svg to videoscribe? I looked over the youtube video and it helped some but it does not work for all jpg.

Here is an example of what I am trying to convert

Hi Dovell,

our artists create their images as SVGs from scratch and do not convert them from JPG images.

VideoScribe draws the paths associated with the strokes of an SVG image.

The paths will be drawn in VideoScribe in the same order they were created.

You will need to trace over each line with the the pen/pencil tool.

A video tutorial on how to do this may be available in the future.

We have an instant answer on the topic of 'Create your own images' that may be useful in the meantime.

If you need any more information please let me know.


Still not fixed in v2.0.3

Version 1 could import images far better than version 2. I appreciate the range of new options you have tried to provide for importing images, but now you cannot trace them, it kind of defeats the object of a 'scribe'.

I love Videoscribe, but it would be 1000% more valuable if you could come up with a way to make jpg and png images draw correctly.

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