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Grouping Of Objects

Is it possible to group objects onto one slide so they are all treated the same?



Hi Jonathon,

Your scribe is created on one large canvas and VideoScribe does not use individual slides. However, you can 'group' elements together depending on how you place them and the camera settings (etc) that you use. If there is something specific that you want to achieve, please post a description of it here and we can advise you accordingly. In the meantime, if you haven't already checked out our tutorial videos, they are a good place to start when looking into what you can do with VideoScribe; you can watch the first one here.

I'd like to group a set of images and text and resize all at the same time without changing their relative distance from one another. Right now I can select a set of images and resize, but they do not retain their orientation.

I'd also like to undo this action if I don't like it. Undo all over would be nice.

Mike, These are not possible in the current version but if it's something you want to see then we have an Ideas and Features forum and then other can comment/vote on the ideas. I know Undo/Redo already exists so you can show your support for it there

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