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Voice over problems

   I have two problems currently with the voice over.

1. I was having a problem with the voice over starting again at the end of the .mov file.  I read about looping a music track and turning the volume to zero.  I tried that and problem #2 arose.  It now has the voice over from another scribe???  The file - stored in the cloud is Start Here - Movie Final.

   Please take a look and see if you can get the original voice over back and fix this issue.



Hi Jody,

Sorry that you have had this issue. 

After opening your scribe here it appears to have the correct Voice Over track on it now. If you open your scribe from your on line folder, do you still get the issue describe above? Do you have this issue with any other scribes?

   I just went back into the system and that scribe - Start Here- Movie Final does NOT have the right voice over. 

   This is very frustrating, to pay for a product and have it be this buggy.  How can the software pull a voice over from another scribe and move it....something is getting crossed in the .mov creation.

Can you please fix?  I cannot add the .mov file to this e-mail because it exceeds the attachments size...even when in a zip file.


Hi Jody,

please could you download your scribe from our website.

To do this:

1. Log in to

2. Scroll down to 'Online scribes' section.

3. Click on the cloud icon

4. Scroll down to find your scribe and click on it.

This will download a .scribe file to your computer.

Make sure that you close VideoScribe and open it again.

On the home screen click on the folder icon in the bottom right corner .

Locate the scribe file that you downloaded, select it and click open.

Please try to publish your scribe again and let me know if the same issue occurs.


I followed your instructions.  It did NOT switch the voice back to the correct voice over.  Here is the main issue - the program switched voices on my scribes.  This "Start Here" scribe has the wrong voice over...

Can you get the correct voice over back through your systems?  Fixing the looping voice over is secondary.


Hi Jody,

sorry you are having this issue.

Firstly could you upgrade to the latest version of ViodeoScribe.

I have managed to extract an MP3 file from your scribe and have attached it.

Is it the correct voiceover?

You can import it as an MP3 if it is correct.


I've same problem and my frustration is very Hi;

It's not reasonable letting go a software so buggy.

I've uploaded my file in the cloud. But this is a bit complicated, isn't it.

I wish to be compensated for the serious inconvenience and the debugging.

Hi Jerome, sorry you have this issue.I have created a support ticket so we can look into this issue for you.

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