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How to get an own drawing re-drawn by an video scribe expert and made availabel in video scribe


I have an own drawing which I would like to use in a Video script. Ist there a way to send such a drawing to an Video script expert, which could "convert" it to make it available for a Video script. For info: Just importing the drawing as a Picture did really brought the result I was looking for. Thanks for your advice.



SVG is the correct file format for vector art that will draw well in videoscribe. 

You can hire artists from The sparkol marketplace:

Also: ,,,, or other freelancing sites, and you may get some replies here in this thread.

Make sure that the artist knows how to make SVG images specifically for videoscribe or the images may not work properly.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


You didn't say, but if you drawing is a raster image, it can be converted to SVG with inkscape (free) and adobe illustrator. Also, I'm sure if you attach your image to a message, someone in the community would help out.


Hi Dan, thanks a lot for your comment.That made everything clear to me !

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