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Delete and download again

I cannot afford the full version of video scribe but overall it's amazing, helpful and awesome. I still have a 6-day free trial so I wonder if I deleted video scribe will the remaining days still account if I download it again when a school project comes up?

It's a shame if I can't use the free trial productively knowing that my pocket is empty. Please address my problem. Thank you so much!!

Hi Adrianne, thanks for your your kind words.

We are happy you like VideoScribe. The seven day trial is available for you to try it out with the intention to purchase.

After the 7 days you will not have access to VideoScribe although you can always sign up for the Monthly option and cancel the subscription so it does not renew.

Thanks, Joe

I think Joe completely answered your question, but in case you aren't sure: Free access will expire after 7 consecutive days whether or not you use the program or uninstall/reinstall it during that time.

In other words, you can't postpone or extend a portion of your free trial to a later date.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thank you for replying :) . Although I won't be able to use videoscribe anymore at least I got to try how cool it is. More power to Sparkol! God bless

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