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May I download music ?

Hi , I'm a VideoScribe member, I love some music in VideoScribe. 

How to download them to my PC ? 

Please help me, thanks. 

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Hi Ango,

 Unfortunately you are only licensed to use the music within the program, the licence doesn't cover any other use of the music.

I would like to know how to access music files to add to my videoscribe files.  I didn't receive any as part of the download and didn't receive any information as to where or how to get them to add to my videos.

In the instructional videos, everything was clearly available for access within the program, but in the program, there isn't anything...not even a link.  What gives?

When you have a scribe project open, click the music note icon at the top of the screen to open the music library. the library looks something like this:

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi - I'm creating an animation in videoscribe, then importing it into Premiere to tweak timings allows. It would help to be able to get the music as a separate file, without having to create a 'rough' animation purely to get the music. Is this not possible?

It's not possible to download the music tracks from VideoScribe as audio files.

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