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VSG drawing in the wrong order

I imported a .vsg file onto my wall. It's a file I created in Adobe Illustrator. It's text that reads "Rhudy & Co." (our company name) but it starts drawing the "&" sign before the rest of the text. Ideally, we'd like it to draw "Rhudy & Co." in way that is easy for viewers to read. Any suggestion?

Hi Megan,

Thanks for your question.

VideoScribe draws an item in the order that the paths were created.

It sounds like the "&" is the first path.

It also depends on how you have created the SVG e.g. if you traced/scanned an image or manually created the paths.

We can take a look at the SVG file if you can attach it.

Thanks, Joe

Hi Joe, thank you for your fast response! Our graphic designer created it so I'm not sure which order it was created in. The file is attached here.



This thread about preparing SVGs may be useful to your graphic designer:


-Mike (videoscribe user)


 Please try out the attach file to see if it is what you want. I just open it with notepad and move the first path down. I wish VideoScribe has a utility to rearrange the order. It took me a lot of time just for the ordering when I work on my image.

- Howard (videoscribe user)

Oh, just find that Inkscape allow me to order different parts of the drawing by using the XML editor (Shift+Ctrl+X). Wish I have found it earlier

Hi Megan, I just tried Howard's suggestion with your logo, and it worked really well. I've attached the edited file for you.

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