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Improved positioning feature for images

I think that you should consider improving the image positioning feature within Videoscribe.

I was thinking along the lines of Photoshop and other image editing software.

As a minimum I think you should have an 'x' and 'y' positioning feature.  Ideally with a feature so that you can select individual corner locations.

Another feature should be a 'Free Transform' option, so that one could chnage the image size to a defined limit.

Finally adding a 'grid' may also be seen as a benefit.


Mike Martin

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Thanks for your ideas Michael.

If these ideas prove popular we will consider implementing them.

Thanks, Joe

I would really value this as well. A grid with a snap-to option would be incredibly helpful.

A fantastic idea


I think this is critical if you want your software to actually get widely used.  In fact, I'd go a LOT further than what is suggested in this post..

I should be able to select elements on the canvas and do all kinds of "group operations" on them:

1. Align elements (tops, bottoms, lefts, rights, middles, centers, and both-centers)

2. Distribute elements over a predefined extent--even if that extent is just the current visible area on the canvas.

3. Group elements together; ungroup and regroup at will.

4. Copy/cut/paste groups.

5. Resize groups (all elements within the group are scaled/rotated individually by the same amount--relative positioniong of elements in the group is maintained.)

6. Treat a group just like a single element during align/distribute operations.

By the way, I don't think you should be limiting your choices to do things or not do things just based on voting.  I can tell you that most people are not going to search through your list and vote.  They have other things to do.

If you are serious about building a "REAL" product that works, you should just implement GOOD IDEAS, regardless of how many votes they get!

Definitely need the ability to accurately align elements. Something as simple as how it is done in PowerPoint (Format > Alignment) will work. 

Hi Richard, version 2.1.1 is available and has Grid lines.

You can download it from Your Account page

That's very true Michael and yes the news, BUT the grid lines are just two for one page at a time ?
I would like to see graph type paper in which one position can be placed exactly in the same position on  other pages. Not rocket science is it ?


Thanks Joe. Didn't realize I could position guide lines. That helps.

grid lines have helped me  align 2 images, but I am trying to get them exactly over each other.. for a second layer of colour. 

I added both images into VS at the start and this did align them.. but I also had to enlarge them for various reasons and they became a bit offset after that. 

I would need to know or be able to set the dimensions of my image in numbers.. so I can set them the same.. and then also have a top left hand anchor number.. so both images are perfectly aligned. 

There needs to be a way of setting up grids on one page and it then repeats itself on other pages, especially if you need to plave the image in the same place on a different page or am I being stupid ?


I would also like the svg files to come in at the size they were drawn in. For example, I use Inkscape to create the original images with a canvas size of 1920 x 1080. With some of my vector

files, I must break them up and render them in separate passes to achieve correct layering. An

image drawn with a fill would be the bottom layer, then I would render a line only over top and

do my final composite in After Effects. Another thing that was mentioned in this post that I read

was scale rotate and position numerics panels would be a great way to get the accuracy needed

for multi pass renders.

I just posted my first feature request a few minutes ago and needed to add another request.

Instead of the camera having the issue of sizing to the image, since the maximum size of the render output is 1920 x 1080 maximum, why not just have the camera have a lock down at

the initial start up of a new scribe? Then once the animator needs to zoom out, it would be a matter of unlocking the camera zoom. Another thing that could help this would be to either limit

the vector files to be created at 1920 x 1080 max., or make the render output resolution independent. A similar thing that After Effects allows you to do with raster images.

Rob, this topic is about guide lines and positioning assistance which seems a little unrelated to your requests. Also people can only vote on the first point of a topic so if you would like your points to be considered you would need to create a new topic for each (

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