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Video does not publish completely

Dear community,

I finished 2 scribes but now I have problems to publish them. I wanted to render them in a video file (I have the pro version).

For one of my scribes it does the transformation but the video does not show the complete scribe but breaks at a point. 

With the second scribe it´s even worse, I push the render button ant it´s loading and loading but nothing happens.


I need both for y friend´s wedding on Saturday, so I really appreciate any help. 

Mil thanks in advance!!!

Kind regards,


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Hi Sabine, sorry you have a problem.

I would at first try publishing the videos in a different format e.g. Quicktime or Flash video to confirm if the same thing happens.

Ensure you do not try WMV before trying another format.

WMV publishing uses more memory than Quicktime or flash although the end file size is smaller.

We have had users experiencing a Problem with WMV but it is okay in the other formats.

Thanks, Joe

Thanks, Joe! Just did it with Quicktime and it works!!

Kind regards,


Great news!

I hope the videos go down well at the wedding!


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