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Google wants me to change security settings before uploading from VideoScribe.


I tried to upload a video from VideoScribe to my YouTube channel. Google noticed a fraudulent attack on my account and has sent me a security warning. They asked me to change my security settings to a lower level if I wanted to use the App or device for upload.

Is this a known issue, and what to do about it?

Hi Lutz this is not a known issue but it sounds like you may have extra authentication processes on your account which are not compatible with the uploading process via the application.

If you prefer not to change these settings, you can publish the video to your desktop first and then upload it to Youtube using the standard upload method which does not involve the VideoScribe application.

Thanks, Joe

I'm not sure if this applies to Lutz, but for other users who may be reading this thread,  I think that "exporting video to your computer" is a feature that is only available to paying members in videoscribe version 2.

In version 1 trial members and paying members could save video to their computer.

If that is incorrect, hopefully customer support will correct me and I will amend my comment.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Mike,

That is correct- you need a Pro account to be able to export a video to your computer.

When uploading to Youtube (or trying), I need to log in for my Google account. This is all happening in a window "inside" Videoscribe. How do I abort the Google-log in process and get back to my Scribe without going to Activity Monitor and shutting down VideoScribe completely?

(If I log in before exporting to Youtube, it sometimes works, but not always.)

/Elisabet (soon to use my first scribe)

Hi Elisabet,

On the YouTube upload page, there is no close dialogue but you can select the cancel option which is available after entering in your Google details.

This will take you back to VideoScribe once selected:

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