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Organization Of Different Hands

So in actually using multiple hands to draw and image, the choices are so limited. First of all, what is needed is the hands organized in such a way in the list so they are grouped in some way that makes sense. And then a way to switch colors should be an attribute of the hands. I guess it was chosen to have an orange marker, and that is really good for orange. I'm not sure if this is even possible. So when I need hands that make sense, with the right color, how would you go about doing that? Obviously I can always use a paintbrush that doesn't really have a color on it. Is a better organization of this coming, and or are there more hands available?

Hi Derek,

At the moment we have about two and a half pages of hands available when you select 'change hand', but we are working on getting more included some time in the near future (but we don't have a specific date for this yet). If there are specific kinds of hands/colours you would like to see added, you could post a request in the ideas and requests section of the community pages.

Best wishes, Dan

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