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How can delay the starting point of the voice over?


In the beginning of my scribe there are a few seconds where the title appears.

i want the voice over to start after the animation of the title ends

How do i do that??


Hi Shani gi,

Your voice over will automatically start at the beginning of your scribe. If you did want the voice over to start at a particular point in your scribe, the best way to do this is to include the appropriate amount of silence at the beginning of your voice over. If you have an MP3 file of your voice over, you can open that in a bit of sound editing software (Audacity is a good free one, but there are others as well) and insert the amount of silence you need at the beginning of your voice over track.

the voice over has already been recorded - how can I add blank space?  

As described above, the recommended method is to record your voiceover as an MP3 using audacity or some other audio program, and include whatever silence you want at the beginning.

if you recorded it in COULD render a video from videoscribe with your voiceover...and then use some other program to extract the audio out of the video file and then use other software to add silence at the beginning of the audio file and then save it as an mp3.. if you want to go to that much trouble.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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