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trial files


I created a personal trial acct to try the software and created a scribe. I then purchased a pro acct using a different email address for my company. The trial expired and I cant get to the scribes I created. Is there anyone I can get the scribe I created? I really don't want to have to recreate it from scratch. 

Thanks for your help!

Paying for a month of access on either account will give you access to the scribe on that account. you can export the scribes as standalone files which can be imported back into either account as long as the account is active.

If you do not want to keep the account active, you can cancel the recurring payment and you will be able to continue using the account until your paid time expires.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Chuck,

If the scribes you created in your free account are saved in your on line folder, we can transfer them over to your pro account. If you would like this, you will need to raise a support ticket (you can do this by following this link) and describe what you would like along with providing your account details for both accounts. Please make sure you post this information in the support ticket and not in this public forum.

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