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Trouble posting to youtube

Can i post my video to YouTube or render the file to a video using my free trial? I'm currently attempting to post it to my YouTube Channel and all Scribe says is "preparing video information..." but there is not progress bar for me to tell if it is working or just frozen. About how long would this take? My video is about 5 minutes long. 



Hi Jen,

You should get a blue progress bar as your scribe renders- if you aren't getting this please open a support ticket ( and we can look into this for you.

Thank you! If the issue occurs again. How can i fix it? I have to build another version of this presentation with voice-over as well. 

The best way to fix it will depend on your scribe. Often rendering problems are encountered on scribes which are using up a lot of memory. These will be scribes that are particularly long, use large imported images or use a lot of imported fonts, or a combination there of. It is worth thinking about editing how your scribe is built if you are encountering problems, but if you are still having problems with it open a support ticket (see link above) and we can take a look at it for you.

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