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Word spacing

 The word spacing is very tight and makes it a bit difficult to read.  It doesn't seem that changing the font makes a difference.  Any thoughts other than going in and hitting the space bar a bunch of times between words?

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I think this is pretty bad, why does Sparkol spend mega bucks on other features and yet something so fundamental is left out.
I am DEFINITELY going to find some other software as cannot keep facing this issue with no real support.
Please can you  message me if you know of a good alternative even if it is more expensive.
I have lost a whole day on this for a job that would bring me in a few bucks - now there wont be anything.
Support in this is as good as the sparkol as their SVG images are - rubbish !!



I usually make all of my text as SVGs so I haven't noticed the problem... but I did a test scribe and I see what you mean about the spacing between words! This definitely needs some attention. The spacebar character needs to be about 3 or 4 times wider

( Keep in mind that all of this complaining is going on in the "questions" category of the community forum. Although support does reply here, questions and complaints don't automatically get transferred to the feature request pile. I don't think this particular suggestion has been made in a thread using the "Ideas and Feature requests" category yet...)

I believe that new features and improvements are usually prioritized based on how many times a feature request is "LIKE"ed in that category, so if anyone want to ask for the changes being discussed here, then the least they should do is make a request thread or "LIKE" an existing one in the Ideas and Feature requests" category.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


As a follow up, I did some experimentation and there are some fonts that are "monospaced" (every character has the same width).

Part of the problem with the BASIC font is that the spacing is very uneven and sometimes the spaces within a word look as large as the spaces between the words. Monospace Fonts like Courier, Courier New, Letter Gothic Std...  seem to  "read" better than variable width fonts and may be an acceptable option until the issue is resolved. The spacing between words is still too small... but the spacing between letters is pretty nice and regular so that helps in my opinion.

compare the word "spacing" in the 3 fonts in the screenshot below for example:

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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