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Problems uploading to Youtube

I have an 8 minute video and waited 72 minutes for my video to render and upload to Youtube. When it finally uploaded it is only 4 seconds long and doesn't move or make any sound. Just a picture of the hand and background and no movement for 4 seconds. 

I really love the software and want to buy it. I need permission from my boss to do so and this was suppose to help him visualize the product. 

Is there anything I can do? Did I do something wrong?

Thank you

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I have done the rendering and then the uploading three times and I can not find my YouTube video. I have checked that my Youtube channel has been verified and it is. I am stressing as this assessment is due in 6 hours time and I have no idea what has gone wrong.



If you have a paid membership, export the movie to an MOV or FLV video and upload it manually through

otherwise, if you have a friend with a paid membership, you could try upgrading to the newest version, exporting a scribe file and get your friend to import it and render it.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Mike, I am a paid member but can't find where I can export it to MOV or FLV. Michelle
I have tried the upload to YouTube again and it says congratulations it is now in YouTube but I can't see it :/ so searched for the file upload into FLV and have found that. Crossing fingers it works this way. Thanks Mike

I too have tried to upload a 2 minute video to Youtube using the "upload" button in the upper right screen of YouTube.  The responding messages says that the file type (video scribe) is not recognized.  It goes on to tell me to upload the video using one of the listed file types (then it shows a list)  I also tried to upload the video to my YouTube Channel from video scribe.  It took about 3 to 5 minutes to render and appeared to be exporting the video scribe to the channel, but when I went to the channel to find and play it, there was nothing there.  Now I'm stuck... if anyone has THE answer to solve this problem - email me asap @  (it is currently Sunday evening @ 10:57pm in the U.S.) 


1) a .scribe file is not a video... so you cannot upload it to youtube. it is a project file that only videoscribe can open. (if you have a pro account then render an MOV and upload that to youtube.)

2) a 2 minute project will almost certainly take more then 3- 5 minutes to render (probably at least 15 min) it sounds like there might be a problem with your project causing it to freeze or you might be closing videoscribe while it is still rendering or uploading

3) Failure to publish to youtube indicates a problem either with your scribe, or with your youtube channel or both. Unfortunately, your description does not provide enough information to diagnose the problem with your scribe project.

4) please attach your .scribe file here if you want users to examine it for problems or try to upload it.

5) save your project to the cloud folder and tell customer support the name of it if you want help from customer support. You may also want to click "YOUR TICKETS" at the top of the page and raise a support ticket if you wish to work with customer support.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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