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Videoscribe keeps crashing

Hi! I am using the 7 days trial and the program keeps crashing and crashing... I am really desperate, already deinstalled and reinstalled it... And I need the scribe for a wedding... Does it go better if I geht the pro Version? What can be the Problem? Thanks!!! Sabine

Hi Joe,

Mil thanks!! You really saved my life, this works much better now.

Was it up to the type of font or up to the size of the font? 

One more question, as I already started to do a part2 which goes from the point on where the other scribe left me....Is it possible to put two different scribes together? Maybe to export them as a video and add them together after that?

Many thanks for your advice!!! I am so glad you helped me!!! You are the best.

Kind regards,

Hi Sabine,

The problem was related to the size of the images - there are lots of them in this scribe and the cumulative effect on memory usage is what was causing the crashes but now it plays really well.

Yes, you can create 2 video files and merge them together in something like Windows Movie Maker.



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