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MP3 not importing

Testing the trial version and trying to add an MP3 saved from Audacity. It allows me to select the file but does not play, the file shows to be 0 seconds long, but the indicator shows it is there.

Will a voiceover save in trial version?

vo.JPG vo.JPG
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Sorry you have this problem.

Mp3 import should work.

Can you advise what happens if you import via URL?

Please try this link -

If this works, please download the file using the link and try to import into your scribe.

If you can advise on the results that would be great.


Copying and pasting that link into the URL prompt results in same thing. The voiceover shows to be there but at 0 seconds and does not play.

Hi Todd,

I have created a ticket for this problem and have sent you an email.

If you can check the information on the ticket and reply to it with the requested information, I'm sure we will be able to resolve you issue for you.

Thanks, Joe


I have the same problem with uploading MP3 file. Can you send me your answer as well?

Thank you:)

Hi Petra, 

Sorry you have this problem.

Please can you create an new support ticket the the details of your issue.

If is is a specific MP3 you're trying to import, please also attach it to the ticket if possible.

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