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several sound files in videoscribe


I wonder if it is possible to import several sound files for the voice over in the video I have created. I have a sound file for each drawing and wanted to put them in after each other and time them in videoscribe. Is that possible?



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Hi Karin,

Thanks for your question.

You can import 1 Soundtrack file and 1 Voice over file. VideoScribe supports mp3 audio files.

If you have more than one file, I would suggest you use a Audio editing program such as Audacity (others are available) to combine your audio and import it as a single MP3 file.

Thanks, Joe

OK, thanks!


Oh this is quite annoying. It makes the system impossible to use for longer content. I really need to be able to create a slide/scene and add the sound that matches that specific scene. It is a huge page having to edit in an external app. 

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