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unable to get started on the video scribe

I get the message "checking for new content".. and it does not move further from there. Please help.

Hi Nidhi,

The problem you have encountered would indicate that VideoScribe is unable to connect to our servers for updates.

There are a few things you can try.

If you're using a person/home PC I would try the following:

Ensure you have admin rights to the PC and the PC profile you're using

Rebooting your computer then retrying

Power cycle your router then reload VideoScribe

If using Anti-Virus software, add the VideoScribe application the the exceptions list (if applicable check with the Anti-virus supplier on how to do this).

Uninstall and re-install VideoScribe.

If you're using VideoScribe in a work/office/school environment, the link below will assist you and your systems admins to ensure you can use VideoScribe:

Thanks, Joe

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