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Ability to move out (RR-682)

Currently, after a move in is completed, the hand just disappears. I'd like to be able to have the hand move back out after the object has been placed so it's more realistic, and also the ability to have the hand move back in to pull the object back out.

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I concur, move out's would be very useful

It's probably been 2 years that this request has been around, if not longer.  Is it really that hard to accomplish?

Having the hand move in and out seems to be a fairly obvious detail that is missing, along with fades.

I rarely complain to software manufacturers because things always sound 'easy' to implement, and I assume that they are not, but these seem like fairly basic ideas that would enhance the final product.

All in all, a nice program, but definitely missing a few things.

Hello Michael, it's not always just a question of how old a request is or how technically difficult it is to do. In general the product team look at all sort of angles when deciding on what to put in next technical complexity is one of the factors for sure but there are many others including the number of customer votes and also on our own ideas for the direction of the product.

We have also started a particularly large project recently to completely re-write a whiteboard animation tool in a new technology to make the software more robust and also to allow us to slot in new features with more ease so make us more flexible and reliable in the long-term

Barry, thanks for the response.

I look forward to the next generation tool!

No problem... I'm looking forward to it too!

Hey, just thought I'd let you know we are going to be actively working on a second move option very soon. This would allow you to move an item already on the canvas to another location (including out of the view of the camera). We have some ambitious new plans for v3.1 of the software and this is on that list at the moment.  We'll see how development progress goes in the coming weeks and fingers crossed this will make that release.

great !!!!!

Thats great News. Looking forward to this release.

We've had a question about this feature on another forum post so I have closed that post and merged it with this one so you all get an update. Obviously, this has not made it in yet and apologies to anyone still waiting eagerly for this.

We've been working hard on new features which include loads of fresh images in v3.1new timeline menu and adjustable greyscale in v3.2 and colour change, tooltips and local render for trial customers in v3.3. Ultimately different features can hit snags and get delayed and also priorities will change. 

As I write this the feature is still in the select group of features we are actively working on and want to make available to you and we'll update this forum again as soon as we have anything concrete on its impending release.

Hi, I also need this option to move something out of the view. This will be a great visual option to clear the page and start a new scene.

I was directed here while looking for a fade out or disappear function that keeps the element from reappearing when you zoom out.  If this will take care of that, then I also vote for this - don't see a "Like" button to push - sorry.  

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