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Ability to move out (RR-682)

Currently, after a move in is completed, the hand just disappears. I'd like to be able to have the hand move back out after the object has been placed so it's more realistic, and also the ability to have the hand move back in to pull the object back out.

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Hi Eric,

Thanks for your suggestion.

This is an idea currently with the development team and is being looked into for a future version of VideoScribe.

Thanks for the idea and please feel free to add more ideas for features.

Best wishes, Joe

I second this. It really hurts the move in feature to have it simply disappear. It is really obvious. I'm not sure what happens when the hand is drawing - it isn't near as noticeable if it disappears as well. 

Any updates on this happening? It definitely changes how I build videos. Easing the hand out when moving objects would open up tons of possibilities.

I third this.

I see where it could be difficult for timing as setting the transition out may be an issue, but it would really help the flow if the hand would move out of frame after placed, then move to the next motion tween.

I vote for this as well. As I have to face difficulties and complaints about hand being disappeared and in the end I have to change the "move" to "draw"

I vote for this. Being able to pull objects off the screen would be very useful. And the abrupt disappearing hand is distracting. It would look much nicer if there was an option to slide the hand off the screen.

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This would be a really important feature to make the videos look more realistic.


2 years later.......has Sparkol listened? 

The thing that's more important in my opinion is to have a Move IN but also a MOVE out option! To use for every object. 


Hey guys, we're listening and I promise this feature request is logged formally and considered every time the product team sits down to decide what we are going to work on next. We prioritse things based on technical complexity, number of customer votes and also on our own ideas for the direction of the product.

what about customers that dont come to these forums? or don't log in to vote?  I notice featured mentioned 1,2 and 3 years ago have not come to pass at all...ones that are intuitive and make me think when it comes time to look at more competitive softwares...

hey sparkol team , hand move out is a great idea please think about it !!!!!!

just liked the post, cmon sparkol! lets make this program great!

fingers and legs crossed waiting for this feature

on second thought

i think the ability to have full colour morphing would be even more useful and has more potential uses

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