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Voice over does not work cannot upload to Youtube

I created a scribe in the free version and could not do a voice over.  I click on record it starts to load and then Video Scribe freezes causing me to restart the program. I up graded and tried it and the same thing happens.

When trying to upload to youtube it will say preparing video and nothing happens. Is the file too big? It is 19.49 mb.



19.49 MB might be a bit large for a scribe (depending on the length/number of images). There may be some oversized images in it causing your freeze problems.

Here is a list of common problems that cause videoscribe to freeze when rendering, saving opening or playing a scribe:

here is the official customer support answer for freezing and crashing:

You can save a copy of your scribe online and tell customer support the name of it, if you would like them to look at it, or you can attach an exported .scribe file here if you would like other members to look at it and provide suggestions.

Hope that helps,

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Don,

Sorry you're having an issue.

The file size might not be too big but the amount of memory (RAM) it uses to render may be the cause.
WMV does use a lot more memory than .Mov Quicktime and .FLV Flash to create a video so it may be that this option (which is the set publishing file type for the Youtube option on VideoScribe)

is unable to process the scribe file.

As a Pro user, you can create .Mov and.FLV videos.

I would suggest trying one of these options and saving the video to your local computer to upload to Youtube in the traditional way.

Please try one of the other options and let us know if this resolves your issue.

Best wishes, Joe

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