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Switching Yearly to One-Off Subscription


I already have a yearly subscription to videoscribe which runs out at the end of this month. I would instead now like to pay the one-off payment and not continue to pay yearly. However I am worried that if i cancel my yearly subscription then this will remove the videos I have made.

How do I go about cancelling my yearly subscription in order to do a one-off payment but keep my videos?



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Cancelling payment has no effect on any scribe files saved on your computer or online. When your paid time runs out, you simply will not be able to run the program until you re-subscribe.



-Mike (videoscribe user)


how does it work using the created videos after cancelling payment?


So long as you have rendered your scribes as video files, you will be able to use those videos after your subscription ends. Our licence terms state that if you would like to sell those videos you must have a current Pro licence but other than that they are yours to do with as you wish.

((edit: DOH! I was too slow and Matthew beat me to it.))

In terms of actual usability,  when your paid time runs out:

1) scribe work files remain where you saved them , locally or online (unless you delete them). You cannot use them with an inactive account, but if you resubscribe you can use them again.

2) rendered videos are still playable and do not change when your paid time expires.

Legally, I think you only have to have an active account to create or sell videos.  I believe that you or your clients can continue to use the finished videos if the account becomes inactive. The official terms and conditions are here: videoscribe-terms-and-conditions

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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