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Only half the scribe is saved! What do I do?


i am testing the software and its great. But today I opened my screibe which was created yesterday and only half of it is saved!

How do I retrieve it?? I spent a lot of time creating it!

Thanks and regards

Rucha Ambekar

Hi Rucha,

Sorry you have this issue.

It sounds like you may have not saved the scribe before closing the application.

VideoScribe has an autosave function that means if VideoScribe crashes or you close without saving, the next time you open VideoScribe up, you will be 

informed that there were unsaved changes on your last shut down.

If you select the tick/check button, it will load this file. If you decline the file will be deleted.

Sounds like you may have declined this when you loaded VideoScribe again so it will load the scribe file from the point of your last manual save.

Thanks, Joe

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