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Urgent!!!!Can't download my video to my computers

 I just finished my first video and want to download it to my computer. I chose Windows WMV 640Normal. It shows "preparing the information of your video" then keeps on this forever. I really need it for my presentation urgently!!!!

Hi Tingting, sorry you have this issue.

There is a bug that may prevent you from rendering as a WMV file which we are looking to resolve in a patch release.

In the meantime, please can you try publishing the video as a .Mov or .FLV file and can you confirm if you get the same results?

If it works but you need to WMV file, you can use a Video converter to change the format.

There are many converters available a popular choice with some users is Freemake which is Free to use. 

(please note that this is third party software and is not endorsed by Sparkol).

Thanks, Joe

im trying youtube and any format and it just sits at preparing video information... i restarted computer and internet connection says excellent... time is wastin... any help???


Hi Ryan,

As we may need to talk to you about your account information to help you solve this issue, I have submitted a private support ticket for you.

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