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Internet connection required on the first run of Videoscribe??

I have the internet connected though it says so?Firewalls are off 

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Hi Lankie,

VideoScribe does require an internet connection the first time you run it.

If you have an internet connection but you're being advised otherwise, than there is an issue with VideoScribe connecting to our servers.

If you use VideoScribe in a business or office environment, you may need to forward the information in this link to your PC and network admins:

If this issue is constant, please check the following:

Ensure you can connect to the internet.

Esnure you have admin rights on the PC and right click on the VideoScribe application and try running as administrator.

Check that your web browser is not in offline mode.

Check your PC firewalls are not blocking VideoScribe and if possible add VideoScribe to the firewall exceptions list.

Try rebooting your PC and Power cycling your Router.

Another thing you can try is resetting and refreshing your IP address:

On your PC, go to Start, select or search for the 'Run' Application.

When the application appears, type in 'CMD' and press 'OK':

You will now see the command prompt box appear:

The first thing we need to do is reset the IP address. Type in the box ipconfig/release then press Enter/Return.

Once this action has completed, you can try renewing it. Type in ipconfig/renew then press Enter/Return.

When you have completed this action retry VideoScribe.

If you still have issues after this, we will need to investigate further.

Please raise a ticket if the above advice does not resolve your issue.

Here is the direct link to log a ticket

Thanks, Joe

this is my problem too, my internet works with everything except this program.

Hi David, sorry you have this issue,

Have you tried any of the suggestions in my previous post?

If you have tried everything mentioned, please raise a support ticket and we can investigate further.

Thanks, Joe


Yes I have tried everything but still did not want to go. 

But thanks for your help and for the quick reply.

I'm trying to get at customer service assistance. Have they perhaps German support? Because I'm not perfect in English :)

Thanks, David.

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