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Payment Gateway Issues

Hey all,

I would like to know that what all payment methods can I use. As we do not have our credit card yet nor a paypal account then is it possible to pay via MaestroCard or Visa card or internet banking ?

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Customer support will be back Monday during UK business hours.

According to this thread:
all payments are now handled through bluesnap.

I think Visa is accepted. You could consult Bluesnap's website or you could start the upgrade process here on to see if it will work.

Hope that helps,
Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Vishesh,

There are a number of different payments types.

If you are looking to sign up for the monthly options, you will need to Pay via a Debit/credit card or via a Paypal account (additional charges may apply for Paypal which are out of our control)..

The following card types are accepted:

If signing up for a Yearly or One-Off options, there are some other payment types.

Please also be advised your subscription will not be active until Payments are received which can be some time after the monies leave your account:

Thanks, Joe

Hi Joe, 

I would like to purchase the yearly subscription via Wire Transfer (mentioned in your previous comment), as it is compulsory to use this payment method in my company, but once I get to the payment page the only two options that appear are credit card and paypal. 

How can I pay it via wire transfer?

Thanks a lot,


Hi Maria,

The previous response was applicable with a payment platform we no longer use so these options are no longer available.

If you have any further issues paying, please raise a support ticket.

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