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VideoScribe Pro

Hi, I purchased Pro version on the last day of flash sale (31.07;14 months for 12 months). I sent money the same day and I used Bluesnap. 
I still can't use pro version. Can you tell me why ?

Here is info from my Sparkol account:
"Your free trial has ended.

Make more whiteboard videos with VideoScribe Pro."

Hi Damian sorry you have this issue.

We will certainly look into this for you so I have converted this issue to a ticket as we will need to discuss subscription information with you.

Thanks, Joe

hi, I do have a pro version but now that I want to work with the pro images library I used to have access to, I realize it does not appear any more. Is it correct?

Thanks, Dariela

Free users and Pro users see all of the same images in the library.
Maybe you downloaded images from another source so they are not actually in the library.

You could attach a screenshot or video containing the missing image if you want help finding it.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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