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Object size and position on canvas

I'd really like to see some kind of bounding box on the zoomed-out canvas (in which all the objects are displayed) which shows us how each of the objects sits within their respective frame, and also to assist in determining the movement track between each new "frame".  It's really frustrating making changes to the Scribe - ie: moving objects relative to each other, etc, within a frame or making changes to the track between one frame and a new one.

As someone who's used non-linear video editing tools for almost 20 years (and linear tape editing before that!) I can't get used to the idea of not having direct, simple control over the relationship between one group of objects and another. I also find the Zoom controls confusing - am I simply zooming in to inspect detail more closely or am I affecting the actual frame size within the canvas itself? In full zoomed-out canvas view I discover that some groups of objects are massively large and others are very small. This affects the render quality of the final output, too, much to my dismay. On attempting to correct this, I got into a terrible mess on my most recent (rush-job) project and decided to simply start from scratch.

I've also found that for best control I've been exporting a full-res 1920x1080p Quicktime file out and undertaking finishing work in either Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro X.

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Thank you Mike, after your instructions the videoscribe is really working as per my wish.

OMG reading these thread was like reading something I would have written. I am a new user and I am so utterly confused by setting the sizes I am going insane. How can this be something that is not addressed? My canvas is just a mess of different sizes and its horrible inefficient. The tutorial videos are completely worthless for this. Sizing objects is by far the most complex thing to understand in Videoscribe. I tell you that as a new user. I am struggling...

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