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Drawing Ipad app remembering strokes and converts to .SVG

Please watch this video at 5:27 if do not understand  

I am looking for an app on ipad that will work the same way as Idraw Desktop and his bamboo pad.

HELP? I am a newbie.  I have some artistic skills but certainly not an expert.  I want to be able to use my Ipad and Hex 3 pen to create my drawings to be imported into V.S after converted into a .SVG. I want to draw on ipad as you would any of the non vector but still remember all the strokes so I can convert to svg for video scribe?  Is this possible or is their no way without having to retrace paths in Illustrator? Does no ipad app exist that can remember the strokes taken and be exported to .Svg?

I have tried 


Adobe ideas app. -  I can get a Svg file, but when I import it. Video scribe first outlines the vector line and at the end of draw. then fills in the lines color.  I saw this was a problem with desktop Illustrator and solution was to make sure to use pencil.  Tried many different tests and does not work with the ipad app. (see pic provided)


vector only controls.  Cant free hand no pencil tool.

IDRAW?  Have not purchased.  Does this have a pencil tool that allows me to freehand and export a svg or at least import to Illustrator with stroke info, so I don't have to retrace it in Illustrator? And if it has the pencil tool will the same thing happen as Adobe ideas with the outline prob. 

Thanks so much for your answers!

Hi Chris

I think you asked this in a support ticket so just to re-iterate my suggestion (so it does not look like we are ignoring you).

There are not really any iPad compatible SVG apps we could recommend. iDraw seems to be a popular choice.

You are probably better asking this kind of question on a forum specific to vector graphic creation.

Thanks, Joe

Thanks Joe

I did get your message and it did not address the problem in much detail, so I posted to the community as you asked me to. I thought maybe you did not understand my problem? The problem is that the IPAD apps i tried export the file fine but VS keeps tracing the out line of the vector and then fills it all in at the end.  I noticed others complained about this happening with Desktop programs and the solution is to use the pencil tool (illustrator) not the other brushes. I saw that video.   There has got to be a program that allows me to use my Ipad to create simple drawings that draw properly in video scribe?   I need the mobility of the ipad to create my drawings before putting the whole thing together on my desktop VS program. I was trying to ask if IDraw Ipad app had the right pencil tool that you guys said we had to use?  Was not going to pay $15 for the app if It had the same problem all the other IPAD apps did.  Can you guys test it? as I am sure you guys have these apps for testing and I just need to know as there are no videos that address this problem on IPADS 

Thanks very much.

Hi Chris,

Assuming that is the correct site for idraw, I can pretty clearly see a pen tool, a paintbrush, and a pencil tool.

You could download the free trial and test it yourself or consult the staff or users of that program and then report your results here.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Hi Mike,

Thanks for answering me.  I did try and find a trial but Indeeo the creator of Idraw does not offer a Ipad app trial or lite free version that I could see.   I think the answer is to create my drawings on the ipad and then send them to illustrator or Idraw desktop where I create another layer and simulate the draw path that video scribe will use.   Only option I guess.  


We have found InkPad to draw out nicely using the brush tool (their version of stroke). Try a stroke over 3pt for a nice solid line. Layers are handy too.


I have tried a couple of solutions. First of all I wanted to stay mobile so I tried to keep everything on the iPad. First step is to create the artwork that I want to "draw" in vs... I started with Adobe ideas and send the drawing to myself (this way ai exports as vector pdf), then I uploaded the pdf mail app to Dropbox. Then i imported the file in Idraw from Dropbox. This works fine until you import the svg file in vs, here it appears with a square around it ( residue from page size)... I went for inkspace instead... Simpler ui and also no frame:). then I realised I did not need the svg from ideas anyway since it imported into vs as pixels anyway so I went to my drawing app of choice that can export to cameraroll with transparency (sketches, sketchclub). I imported the sketch into inkspace, added a second layer and traced with the line tool. Then I exported to Dropbox as a svg witch can be imported into vs.... Note... I found it usefull to create a separate drop box account for vs alone since it makes it much faster to search... (When using my regular db account, vs crashed) I hope you can follow this description.

Thanks Nikolaj very much for taking the time to answer this question in detail. I am a bit confused but will step by step write it out and see if I can figure it out.  Can I skype you?


Chris Durrer   Queensland Australia  (skype)

I Will try to be a bit more specifik in My writen comment, we could Skype but maybe if i Can rewrite My answer et is more sharable:)

I would be extremely appreciative of a step by step explanation or a video showing the steps but I know these things take a lot of time.  So if you prefer skype to keep it faster please contact me on the name I listed last message. Once I understand, I may make a video tutorial how to for others.  I would like to find an answer quickly as I am approaching a deadline.  




I cant find Inkscape on itunes and have no idea how to use it on ipad?  Help!



Sorry for not getting back to you sooner... Here is the new and improved description: I start with "sketches" app (I have uploaded screenshots) Choose any tool you like... And draw. Export using the pro export option (screenshot), this exports all layers with transparency. Then open "inkpad" app, open image from camera roll... Your sketch from before with transparency. Select the pen tool with no fill and a line with that will cover your lines. Make sure you are on a layer above you image, then start to "cover" your image... The order in wich you cover things will work in reverse later.(screenshots)

Next bit... Sorry for the split comments... Accidentally hit post button:)

Now go to layers and lower the transparency of your vector layer to zero... It will not be seen but only guiede the reveal in video scribe. Export as .svg to a Dropbox folder ( it's a good idea to have a separate Dropbox account for use with videoscribe as it makes loading files easier.) Open videoscribe and open .svg from Dropbox... See example below

Basically the trick is that your sketch, weather it is from ideas or sketches or other is revealed, not drawn in videoscribe.... That's why you need the two layers in inkpad app Sorry if I confused you with the wrong name....

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