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adding image

How can I add an element into an existing scribe without rearranging the scribe elements to the right of the new element?

Is there an insert feature that will "make room"? 

if you select any element in the timeline, the next element you add will appear right after that element, and all subsequent elements will be moved to the right.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks Mike...However I'm not referring to the timeline but the screen. Currently if I insert an element between existing elements I will need to readjust everything to the right in order for it to fit on screen by itself. Is there a way to create space that will move all elements to the right without having to readjust them manually?

Hi Rob,

The only way to do that would be to select all the elements that you want to move by clicking on the first element in the time line, then holding the shift key down and clicking on the last element that you want to move. Then click on one of the selected images on the canvas and drag them all to the right.


Thank you...this works however:  the software will not allow me to select a long string of elements on the timeline without it  automatically selecting everything or selecting beyond the first element i've chosen on the left. i want to insert an element in the middle of a 3 minute scribe and there are 10 timeline elements to move. this only occurs when the elements selected exceed the number of timeline elements that are visible on screen. 


other issues I'd like your opinion on:

Why does the font size change after saving and reopening requiring me to resize all font elements?



How do I edit the music bed using the music provided in videoscribe?


Thank you, 


Hi Rob,

Regarding the issues you are experiencing with multi select/text resizing: These are bugs that we are aware of, and should be fixed in our next patch, version 2.0.2. We are currently testing 2.0.2 and hope to release it in the next couple of weeks.

Regarding question about music files- generally the music in VideoScribe isn't editable beyond being able to loop it. I'm not sure what you mean by 'edit the music bed'- could you give me a detailed description of what you want to achieve?

Best Wishes,


Sparkol Support Team

thank you for the reply. a music bed is music which underlies visuals which is what your software provides. professional video production standards require a videos music bed end as the video does and not trail off. 


can the music found in video scribe be exported to audacity for editing?

Hi Rob, the music in VideoScribe is not editable beyond using the looping option within VideoScribes options.

The licence for the music of music does not allow you export the files into other programs.

You can import your own Music as an MP3 file should you choose to.

Thanks, Joe

Does v 2.0.2 automatically fix bugs i was experiencing with scribes i created under previous versons? Or do I have to redo the scribes using v2.0.2?

Can you be more specific about the bug you have in mind?

Based on my own experiences:

If the bug is something that has been resolved by a change in the software then it will most likely automatically "work right" when you open the scribe in the new version.

However if the bug is a symptom caused by memory management problems resulting from something like oversized images or excessive zooming,  then MAYBE the updated software will be able to compensate better, but you should probably address the underlying problem by  fixing the problematic elements or camera settings.

In either case, you should not have to redo the whole scribe from scratch if you upgrade to a newer version.

(If you reverted to an older version then you would have to redo the scribes saved in the newer version.)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


thank mike...if I understand what you''re saying is the fixes in the new version will apply automatically to the scribe created in the old version. 

if so then the timeline selecting issue that was supposed to have been fixed in v.2.02 was not fixed. 

Hi Rob,

There have been improvements to the timeline and selecting elements in the Timeline.

If you're experiencing issues with the timeline which are not resolved, it would be best for us to get a ticket raised and take a look at the scribe file.

This link will allow you to create a new ticket -

We would also need to know the following information:

What computer type and operating system you're using?

How you are multi-selecting e.g. selecting the options via the timeline?

Are you using CTRL+click, CMD+Click or Shift+Click to multi select and does using another options resolve?

Are you able to save a copy of the scribe to the online directory (cloud) so we can try and replicate the issue?

Thanks, Joe

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