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Clip Art Images Not Loading

I have the latest version of VideoScribe. Some of the images in the gallery won't load. The triangle is constantly spinning, but no images show up. I am missing several categories of images. 

Do I have to uninstall and reinstall? 

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Tried to uninstall and reinstall...nothing. I attached a picture of how the images look. Nothing downloads.

Hi Randy, sorry you have this issue.

VideoScribe version 2.0 and higher have some images stored locally and some online.

You should at least be able to load the local ones unless there is something preventing them being presented e.g. Firewall and security software.

It could also be a possible corruption in the location where the scribes are stored.

We may need to take a further look into this if uninstalling and re-installing has not resolved the problem for you.

If you are using VideoScribe in an office or work environment, you may need to speak to your PC and network admins to ensure you have the correct permissions.

If you have used VideoScribe 1.3 previously and upgraded, the PC/Network might regard version 2 as a different application.

This link will assist any PC/Network admins if they need to add VideoScribe to an exception list and ensure you can connect to it -

If you need further advice, Please raise a ticket with support using this link -

Thanks, Joe

Bought an image- Lit Bulb, it was saved in the recent images section in videoscribe. Clicked the cross button. It disappeared and cannot be used anymore. Please help in getting the image back.

As subscribers, we are responsible for keeping track of any images that we have bought if we wish to use them again in the future. Otherwise ywe will have to pay to download them again.

Keeping them in the recently used images window is a good start.

However, I'd recommend making one simple organized scribe project file containing your purchased images. If you purchase a LOT of them you could make 1 project containing people, 1 containing vehicles, 1 for buildings etc.

If you have used the image in a project, you can just open the project and copy the image, then paste it into a new project.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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