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Alter the thumbnail after rendering video

I'm using V2 and I'm unsure as to how to change the thumbnail/preview of the video after rendering and saving to my computer (i.e. not youtube). The initial screen is of a moment half way through the video and I would like it to show the start of the video. 

I believe that is not something that is chosen by videoscribe. Various video players and websites designate the thumbnail image in different ways (for example, quicktime chooses an image from within the first second of video, youtube gives you three "random" thumbnails from which to choose). What player, website, or other method are you using to view the video with a thumbnail from halfway through? If you want to change the thumbnail shown in Windows explorer for example, I don't think you can assign a thumbnail. A google search might prove me wrong though.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


It seems rather stupid that we must accept the thumbnail that decides for me. In some cases it ruins the work at all.

You are replying to a thread from a year ago before was even available. You can ask if there is an option to choose your own thumbnail or you can request that as a feature.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks for replying, I will

Any solution to add a custom thumbnail in Video Scribe? if so please let me know how to do that. Thanks

I'm pretty sure that none of the file formats (AVI, MOV, WMV) support the ability to assign or embed a thumbnail image. Which means it would be impossible for videoscribe to programmatically force those video formats to show a specific thumbnail image across various browsers, players or other programs.

(Support or someone else can correct me if I'm wrong. It has happened before!)

A custom thumbnail always has to be assigned using whatever program you want to view it in. For example:
If you upload the video to youtube, you can change the thumbnail in youtube.
If your video is in powerpoint, you can change the thumbnail in powerpoint.
if you are using email or displaying the video on a website, you make a thumbnail image and link it to the video using html or some other type of code. (lots of tutorials available on various sites.)

Some video players browsers and programs will let you choose a thumbnail image to display, but that is something that can't be changed in videoscribe, you have to find the instructions relevant to your particular program, player or browser.

Having said all of that, Some players and browsers show the first frame of the video as a thumbnail image by default. If the first element of your videoscribe project is an SVG made of stroked paths with a draw time of zero, it will show up in the first frame in whatever programs or browsers display the first frame as a thumbnail. If you have an image that is not stroked paths, but you cover the whole image with a transparent stroked path and save it as an SVG, I think it will still show up properly in the first frame.

-Mike (I'm pretty sure about all of this information, but maybe someone can correct me or confirm it)


VideoScribe, a popular tool for creating animated whiteboard-style videos, does not currently offer a direct feature to choose your custom thumbnail. However, I can provide you with some workarounds and tips:

Custom Thumbnail Creation:

Create a new scribe in VideoScribe.Adjust the canvas colour to the shade you’d like for your thumbnail.Add the desired image or scene to the scribe. Set the timings for that image to 0 seconds. Render the scribe as a PNG or JPG sequence from VideoScribe.Use one of those images as your video thumbnail (assuming the video was created within VideoScribe) 

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